YouTube: Largest Video-Shaing Platform

YouTube is a free video sharing platform owned by Google. In this application users can upload videos, watch and share videos which are very interesting features and people enjoy it.

This application was used only as interest in the start but now it has been made as a source of income not only for interest mill, people earn a lot of income from this application. I’m going to tell you its details in this article.

History of YouTube

This app was created in 2005 solely on the basis of interest so that people can spend their time here for free. These people started uploading their videos here after which people used to watch videos here and enjoy a lot. And then with time the changes went in this application and this application slowly became the need of people because people used to upload a lot of information content here. From which people used to collect information and move forward.

Similarly, this application became a very large platform and is now the largest online platform in the world. And it has become a source of employment for many people.

How YouTube is Source of Earning?

When this app was created, only people uploaded videos for their interest and those who had interest watched videos according to their interest. And some people used to watch videos according to their needs, like watching a tutorial, then they used to watch the videos and learn from them.

But with time the trend changed and YouTube introduced monetization. After which people have started monetizing their channels and started earning on the basis of views on their videos.

There are some requirements to get income from this application which I will explain you the criteria at below point.

A lot of people get income from this Application and most people’s main source of income is YouTube.

Criteria for For YouTube Monetization

We know that if anyone pays someone, a certain criteria is made for him, similarly. It also made a special criteria so that people fulfill this criteria and then get monetization.

  • YouTube’s first criteria was that a YouTube channel should have more than 1,000 subscribers. Without which it is not possible to monetize YouTube channel.
  • And the second criterion for monetization in this application is channel watch time of 4000 hours.

Monetizing youtube channel is not rocket science it’s simple two steps if you follow them you can monetize channel. And after that you can easily earn your videos based on per views.

Features of YouTube

YouTube has many features, I am going to tell you about some of them. YouTube recomendation is a very cool feature that recommends videos based on your interests


YouTube recomendation is a very cool feature that recommends videos based on your interests. It basically monitors your recently watched videos and recommends videos you like to watch. This feature is really awesome because it automatically keeps showing you videos based on your interest so you don’t have to search again and again.

Offline Download

Offline Download is a feature that allows you to download videos within the app and watch videos offline whenever you don’t have internet access. This is a recent feature that has been added within this application and is currently being worked on to make it more efficient.

Youtube Shorts

We all know that nowadays short videos are very trending since Tiktok got Viral.

It has also added short videos to its platform which is a very good decision. Due to YouTube shorts, a lot of people’s interest has come to YouTube and the number of YouTube users has increased.

There are many more such features added in this application to know more download and use this application.

How to Download?

Downloading this app is very easy, you just have to search YouTube on Google Play Store or App Store. And you have to download YouTube in your mobile phone or any other device. And then you will use this application very easily

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