Rumble: New Online Earning Source

We all know that the trend of in -lineing is growing very fast. Nowadays people are doing online earning a lot and there are many people who want to do online earning but they don’t know how they can earn money by working online from home.

But today online earning is not such a big problem. You can easily make money from your home using your mobile phone computer or laptop very comfortably and earn a lot of money.

Criteria of Online Earning

You don’t have much criteria to earn online but you must be intelligent enough to understand mobile internet and its features easily.

An online earner should at least have a good command of the English language and understand the things that are available on the internet as easy.

In this article I am going to tell you a complete about an application that you can easily download and earn a lot of money using.


Rumble is an application where people keep sharing their videos etc online. The number of people using the member is also increasing very fast because it has many interesting pitches which I will tell you next.

Using this application can make you easily arranging in your homes and has no specialty for it.

There are a lot of people earning online from this application and people have earned tons of dollars from here and are still earning. Earning online with Rumble application is very easy and people are adapting it very fast and moving from YouTube to Rumble.

Features of Rumble

As I told you that this application has a lot of features so I will tell you some of its specific features which are very important to discuss here.

No criteria for monetization

The first feature of Rumble application is that you can start earning online with any criteria.  We know that YouTube and all the platforms like that have some kind of criteria based on which you can monetize your account.

But no such criteria in the Rumble. You simply have to upload videos within this application and as soon as you upload the video, it is automatically monetized and you will be given revenue if it gets good views.

Less Ads

Watching videos on any platform is the most annoying thing to do in this application or a lot of Ads shows on this website. But in this app you will have very few ads show based on which.  You will be able to enjoy the videos without getting bored. Which is a very cool feature. And normally this feature Is not available in any application or website.

 Categories of content

You will find a lot of categories inside this application.  And you can find any type of Content that You WANT Easily using this category feature. By using which you can extract the data of the category according to you. And watch the videos according to your interest.

This feature is used while uploading videos and gives a very good result. When you are uploading the video. The categories are shown in front of you. You have to select the category in which your content falls. Then automatically the audience will be the one who is interested in your video. With the help of this feature you can gain good views on any video.

How to use Rumble?

Most of the people have the problem of how to use Rumble and it has no application.

So the answer to these people’s questions is that you will not find its application on play store or app store. You have to go directly to its website to use this application. The link of which I will give below. And you can go to the link of this application from here.


After reading this article you will be able to easily earn online using this Rumble application. Some special features of Rimal application are also discussed. So that you can understand them well.

Hope you liked this article a lot and learned a lot from here. If you want to read more such articles and earn online then keep visiting our website so as not to miss any updates.

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