As you know that the demand for electric vehicles is very fast especially in the market of Europe and America, This is the reason why 2022 saw a record increase in sales of electric vehicles. Many companies are ready to enter in EV’s industry and want to introduce a new modern electric vehicles for the public. That’s why below I’ve told you about three amazing electric vehicles you’ll see on the roads in 2023.

Fisker Ocean


Fisker has launched a cool affordable SUV called the ocean the production of the vehicle is outsourced to a high quality manufacturer Magna International which has been entrusted to produce such models as the Mercedes G-Class Toyota Supra and BMW 5 Series with the starting price of 37,500. Fisker offers an emotionally desirable unique Car promising a decent 250 miles of real-world driving range with a single motor powertrain delivering 275 horsepower.

Inside the ocean is beautifully crafted where the details are made from recycled Plastics making it the most sustainable SUV ever the higher end versions have a dual motor setup providing at least 540 horsepower which enables a naught to 60 Sprint in either 3.6 or 3.9 seconds. These all-wheel drive versions can achieve a range of 340 to 350 miles and the price goes from fifty thousand dollars to sixty-nine thousand dollars.

The fisker ocean comes with an advanced high performance feature called smart traction which improves stability and traction on wet and icy roads meantime minimizing energy loss for more efficiency to enhance safety the vehicle features Advanced Digital radar technology that can detect small and low laying objects on roads and sense objects of different sizes at different speeds with great precision the top end version will also be equipped with a solar skyroof for extra energy.

Aptera Solar EV

while electric motors are several times more energy efficient for moving the vehicle than internal combustion engines electric vehicles lose significant energy to wind resistance as well for example on the highway a typical car uses 60% of its energy to just push air out of the way which greatly affects the efficiency of an EV.

With that in mind a california-based company named aptera has designed a super aerodynamic car that flows on highways like a fish in the sea with minimum resistance reducing the drag coefficient to an insane 0.13 for comparison the best result of the current road cars is 0.2 add to the equation the lightweight but very strong body as well as a three-wheel design and this car can easily travel 1000 miles on a single charge but you might not need to charge it at all as the body is covered with solar panels.

The team had to develop a super-efficient vehicle to overcome the current inefficiencies of solar panels and utilize them to the maximum the result is up to 40 miles of sun powered energy a day which is roughly the same distance an average American commutes in a day this two-seater that looks like a speedy aircraft provides an aircraft-like excellent vision.

Besides it offers decent cargo space of 25 cubic feet which can also be used for camping thanks to its extreme efficiency the base version can achieve 250 miles of range on a fairly small battery pack resulting in a vehicle costing only twenty-six thousand dollars depending on the battery size the price reaches up to 45,000. you can pay an extra two thousand five hundred dollars to get the all-wheel drive version and you will have an affordable car that will not only turn more heads than five times more expensive supercars but will also be able to compete with performance by hitting 60 miles per hour in just 3.5 Seconds.

Lotus Eletre

Fisker ocean
Lotus Eletre

A chines company who used to make the copycat of Mercedes E-Class has evolved into the second largest individual shareholder of Mercedes-Benz group they’ve also acquired two legendary car manufacturers Volvo and Lotus the latter of which is going to be the trump card of the company trying to be Porsche the Brand’s first ever SUV marks the start of a new chapter in the history of lotus coming to provide a unique combination of its legendary performance DNA and cutting-edge engineering the company has carved holes in the all-new Eletre to help reduce the weight of the car and offer optimized aerodynamics for improved range and performance.

The gentle slope of the roofline ends with a floating split roof spoiler which channels airflow down the hidden tailgate spoiler that is deployed automatically at high speeds the car comes with a posh interior design offering premium high grade materials and detail choices the traditional instrument cluster has been reduced to a slim strip like in McLaren Center while the car’s Advanced infotainment system can be accessed via a massive 15. 1 inch touchscreen that

folds down when required the standard side mirrors are replaced by a new display which houses three different cameras for enhanced visibility one of them Works in tandem with Electra’s Deployable lidar technology to deliver autonomous driving capabilities the vehicle is estimated to start at 85 000 in the US will be available in three configurations offering dual motor powertrain for all versions the Electra and Electra s can deliver 603 horsepower to hit 62 miles per hour in 4. 5 seconds and both models can achieve a range of up to 373 miles.

Based on more optimistic wltp standards for those who want to experience performance-oriented driving Thrills Lotus offers the r version of the Electra which provides a lowered ride height creating the impression of a high riding sports car rather than an SUV the flagship version boasts a whopping 905 ponies and a Nord to 62 miles per hour acceleration time of just 2. 9 seconds but this pleasure will cost fifty thousand dollars more while the range will be reduced by 70 miles.