Tesla has reduced the prices of its vehicles in China by about seven thousand US dollars, due to which there are talks in the market that it will see a lot of acceleration in demand. It will be known in the coming days to what extent this is true. For now, it’s great that Tesla can now be found back at an attractive price of $35,000.

Whenever a company lowers the price of its product, it indicates that the company is facing significant problems in demand and sales. Because if the data of the last two or three years is seen, Tesla had continuously increased the prices of its vehicles in China. This continued until October 2022 when Tesla For the first time, prices have been reduced.

And at the beginning of this 2023 new year, once again Tesla has made a big reduction in prices, after which the price of Model 3 has now reached $33,500.

Model Price Before Price After Percent Change
Model 3(RWD) $ 38,712.41 $ 33,471.16 -13.54%
Model 3 Performance $ 50,941.98 $ 48,030.17 -5.72%
Model Y(RWD) $ 42,060.98 $ 37,838.87 -10.04%
Model Y LR $ 52,106.70 $ 45,118.37 -13.41%
Model Y Performance $ 57,930.30 $ 52,397.88 -9.55%

You may remember that Tesla had promised the price of Model 3 all wheel drive in amrica at the time of launch that it would be 35,000 US dollars, but it launched Model 3 at a price of 47,000 dollars. Now In China, its price has been reduced to less than 35,000. Currently, Tesla’s model 3 car is at its lowest ever price in history. To bring the Model 3 to that rate, Tesla had to cut a whopping 13.5 percent.

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Here are all the overnight price changes for each Tesla model in China:

    • Model 3 Standard Range RWD: down RMB 36,000 to RMB 229,900 ($33,430)
    • Model 3 Performance: down RMB 20,000 to RMB 329,900 ($48,000)
    • Model Y Standard Range: down RMB 29,000 to RMB 259,900 ($37,830)
    • Model Y Long Range: down RMB 48,000 to RMB 309,900 ($45,110)
    • Model Y Performance: down RMB 38,000 to RMB 359,900 ($52,400)

After the price cut, Tesla’s Model 3 was the equivalent of about $1,000 more that BYD’s Seal, a model launched in July. The Model 3 is now the same price as BYD’s best-selling Han EV.

source: cnbc