As the popularity of electric vehicles is increasing among the people, many investors and companies are preferring to invest in the business of electric vehicles. This is the reason that the world’s most famous and well-known electronics company, Sony, has announced that it has now come to establish its foothold in the world of electric car industry.

Sony has been working on this project for the past two to three years and has also make several electric car prototypes, and finally it has announced that it is going to launch its own electric vehicle Brand called the Afeela.

Technically, this electric vehicle Brand Afeela will be introduced in the form of a Collaboration or joint eventer between Two big sharks Honda and Sony. Together, they told the public about this beautiful electric car and also presented its prototype to the public.

CNET Highlights

Sony’s CEO Kenichiro Yoshida further disclosed that they will start bookings for this electric car Afeela in 2025. And its first shipments to North American customers will be delivered by mid-2026.

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The Afeela is a seeded segment electric car that looks so attractive. Technology has been used extensively in it. It is said that around forty-three cameras and sensors will be installed on the total inside and external of this car to ensure that its security and safety can be maintained.

This electric car will be developed with full technological features keeping in mind the needs of the next generation from Qualcomm Technologies’ to Snapdragon. As new electric vehicle brands are being introduced in the market day by day, it has to be seen how much share this brand manages to capture in the EV market.

Afeela EV Specifications

The company has not yet told in detail about the features included in it, however, the size, numbers of seats and some other features have been revealed.

Tire sizeFront: 245/40R21
Rear: 275/35R21