Reasons To Buy The 2023 Tesla Model Y. Tesla shows us how vehicles riddled with issues can evolve and become impressive over time. The Tesla Model Y gives its users a supercar-beating performance while it also retains practicality, daily driver appeal, and a host of remarkable technology. The automaker’s mid-size SUV gets cheaper and builds on efficiency, safety, and range standards, making the 2023 Model Y the most wholesome yet.

Power And Efficiency

This new all-wheel drive mid-size SUV has a lot to talk about, starting from its powertrain as well as other hardware systems. So let’s start from the basic numbers: this amazing EV can have a range of around 330 miles in the Long Range model, an 0 to 60 mph time of 3.5 seconds, and also a maximum speed of 155 mph on the Tesla Model Y Performance. Already, the Tesla Model 3 is one of the most efficient all-electric cars on the car market today, and its similar related Model Y isn’t far off. Out of the 4 main variants of the Tesla Model Y, the standard Tesla Model Y is the most fuel-efficient, with an EPA score of 123 MPGe, even though this is a very small difference compared to the 2023 Tesla Model Y Long Range model, which has a rating of 122 MPGe. For comparison, the Performance variant has a rating of 111 combined MPGe- equal to the new Nissan Leaf. But keep in mind that EPA ratings may not always reflect the car’s driving range. The Model Y isn’t a car to show off, and it is a daily driver too, and as such, keeping the driver and the passengers safe is one of its most essential tasks.

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A lack of the overall driving range is one of the biggest fears those looking to swap to an EV face. Early electric cars could hardly cover 100 miles. Now things have improved considerably. The automaker is at the forefront of these innovations, giving the 2023 Tesla Model Y a useful mile range. Moreover, depending on the version, this range grows from 283 to around 331 miles. Also, thanks to a large network of recharging stations, topping up is never a worry. The all new 2023 Tesla Model Y can be charged through a supercharger to gain 200 miles in just 15 minutes. So the user doesn’t have to worry about getting range anxiety.

Amazing Interior

The Tesla Model Y doesn’t come with the larger Tesla Model X crossover’s complicated Falcon Wing doors, and its interior is mostly a carryover from the Tesla Model 3 sedan. Like the 3, it is largely free of buttons and relies mainly on a large infotainment display centered on a simple dashboard. Also, an all-glass roof lends an airy ambiance to the cabin but it is heavily tinted to avoid roasting occupants in the Sun Belt states. Also, the optional third row of seats adds a steep $3000 to the Model Y’s price, we can’t imagine they have enough room for adults to ride in comfort.

Latest Technology Features

In Tesla Model Y, almost every function is managed through the large, slim infotainment display that’s in the middle of the dashboard. Everything from climate control to the speedometer is shown on this display, which takes some getting used to. The Model Y offers the same entertainment functions as the Model 3, including embedded Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube apps as well as video games perfect for killing time while waiting for the battery to charge at the public charging station. Don’t worry, and drivers are locked out of using these distractions while the vehicle is moving.

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Very Spacious

The 2023 Tesla Model Y seats five adults in comfort. And the passenger legroom on offer is simply great. The driver occupies an elevated position getting an excellent view of the highway. It’s a light and airy cabin. One that never feels cramped, enclosed, or lacking in storage space. As a load hauler, the new Tesla Model Y can easily take 971 liters of luggage with the rear seats up. When you drop them, this expands to 2100 liters. That’s a great load area. It’s also mostly flat and easy to access through the rear hatch feature which offers great versatility to the range.

Amazing Safety Ratings

Tesla’s Model Y, similar to the Model 3, has been getting outstanding safety test results year after year. Previously in 2022, the IIHS included both vehicles as “Top Safety Picks.” And we expect all those awards to be carried over unchanged for 2023, as the Model Y remains mostly unchanged structurally.