Volkswagen-ID4-Pro Performance Range and Specification

Volkswagen ID.4 Pro Performance RWD

Battery charging time

Home charge
AC 16A
Fast charge
DC 64A

Charging from 0 to 80%



Battery Capacity


Electric Range

260 miles

Top Speed

99 mph

Car Summary

Make Volkswagen
Model ID.4 Pro Performance
Body SUV
Year 2021
Seats 5 seater
Transmission Automatic
Drive RWD


Power 150
Top Speed 99 mph
Acceleration 0-60 mph 8.2 s
Electric Range 260 miles
Total Torque 310Nm


Battery Capacity 82kWh
Rapid Charging 33 min
Home Charging 8h15m
Battery Type Lithium-ion

Weight and Dimensions

Weight 2124
Roof Load 75
Cargo Volume 543
Battery Type Lithium-ion
Length 4584
Width 1852
Width with mirrors ......
Height 1631
Wheelbase 2771

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The Volkswagen ID.4 Pro Performance is a high-performance version of the company’s ID.4 electric SUV. It features a rear-mounted electric motor that produces 310 horsepower and 229 lb-ft of torque. It also features an 82kWh battery pack that allows for a range of up to 260 miles per charge.

The ID.4 Pro Performance also features a sport-tuned suspension, a sport mode for the accelerator and steering, and a sporty exterior design. Additionally, it comes standard with a host of advanced driver assistance systems such as lane departure warning, forward collision warning, and automatic emergency braking.

The ID.4 Pro Performance also comes with a number of advanced technology features, including a large touch screen infotainment display, a panoramic sunroof, and a premium sound system.

Volkswagen ID.4 Pro Home Charging (0 -> 100%)

Regular wall plugs and charging stations can both be used for charging. A charging station is always used for public charging. When it comes to charging times, it always depends on how fast the charging station. Below is a complete list of Volkswagen ID.4 Pro charging possibilities. This chart show option of charging from zero level to full charge.

Charging PointMax. PowerAvg. PowerTime
CCS (50 kW DC)230V / 1x10A2.3 kW39h30m
1-phase 16A (3.7 kW)230V / 1x16A3.7 kW24h30m
1-phase 32A (7.4 kW)230V / 1x32A7.4 kW12h15m
3-phase 16A (11 kW)400V / 3x16A11 kW8h15m
3-phase 32A (22 kW)400V / 3x16A11 kW †8h15m

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Volkswagen ID.4 Pro Performance Rapid charging (10 -> 80%)

Rapid charging provides longer trips by quickly adding as much range as possible. After reaching an 80 percent state of charge, charging power will dramatically drop. As a result, a normal quick charge rarely exceeds 80% state of charge. The rapid charge rate of an electric vehicle is determined by the charger utilized and the maximum charging power that the vehicle is capable of handling.

Table shows all details for rapid charging possibilities of Volkswagen ID.4 Pro.

Charging PointAvg. PowerCharging Time
CCS (50 kW DC)50 kW71 min
CCS (150 kW DC)135 kW †35 min

Max. Power: maximum power provided by charge point
Avg. Power: average power provided by charge point over a session from 10% to 80%.
Time: time needed to charge from 10% to 80%.

CO2 Emission

Volkswagen ID.4 Pro Performance doesn’t emits CO2 while driving. The energy required to charge the battery may have been created (in part) from the combustion of fossil fuels. Internal combustion engine vehicles will always emit CO2. Furthermore, CO2 is emitted during the manufacture and transportation of fossil fuels.