The electric vehicle market in the USA has been very competitive in terms of zero-emission systems, minimum maintenance requirements, long-range, artificial intelligence features, and a lot of driving safety features. Today, you can find thousands of electric vehicles in every shape, size, design, feature, and power. The top-selling electric vehicles in the USA are the ones that are equipped with a ton of advanced features, stylish and comfortable designs, and the best performance for attracting EV buyers.

In the first few months of 2022, the top-selling car is Tesla Model Y which has about 32700 units sold in the first few months. Tesla has always been a trustworthy brand when it comes to EVs, but Tesla Model Y has to offer unique features like safety equipment, Artificial Intelligence, a built-in gaming system, long-range, and much more. The second most selling car is Willing HongGuang Mini EV with about 26682 units sold in early 2022. BYD Quin Plus PHEV and BYD Song Pro/Plus PHEV were also among the top-selling cars in the first month of 2022. These two cars offer long-range, powerful battery systems, and unique and stylish designs which have enabled them to get huge sales in the first few months of 2022.

Tesla Model 3 is also among the five top-selling cars in the USA due to its amazing features a great customer attraction. Tesla Model 3 sold about 15460 units throughout the world just in January. The Tesla Model 3 has a huge customer attraction due to built-in safety features, driver assistance features, and long-range with a powerful battery. Tesla cars also offer 5+ safety in all its categories and sub-categories along with built-in Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPS. Tesla cars also offers auto-pilot feature for crash protection and decreasing the chances of on-road accident.

Here are the top-selling electric cars in the USA during the year 2021 according to Statista. Among the highly competitive market of the USA, these cars are among the top selling EVs due to their stylish designs, and technical and advanced features.

1. Model Y Tesla

Units sold in 2021(USA): 172200

Range: 330 miles

Acceleration (0-60 mph): 3.5s

The Tesla Model Y is an electric vehicle with a lot of features like a powerful battery, acceleration enhancements, and a ton of advanced safety features. This car offers advanced safety features with a rating of 5+ in all its categories and sub-categories. The car has also won the IIHS safety Award due to its advanced crash protection technology. The car offers a seating arrangement for seven people, but the seats can be folded for luggage and furniture storage. It can be charged at home as well as at any station. The charging time is also quite short which makes it attractive for customers. The EV has a long-range battery and a powerful acceleration rate. The car can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.5 sec. The EV is equipped with an autopilot which makes it highly safe while driving. The autopilot assists the driver and gives great protection from crashing and road accidents. The car also has a UV protection glass with a touch screen display inside the car.

2. Tesla Model 3

Units sold in 2021(USA): 128600

Range =250 km

Acceleration = 0-60 mph in 3.1 sec
The stylish vehicle of Tesla, the Tesla Model 3, has been the most selling vehicle of 2021 with about 128600 units sold last year in the USA. The EV comes with a unique design to lessen friction losses and improve vehicle performance with a ton of safety features. The car has also been announced as the safest vehicle with a safety factor of 5+ in all of its categories and sub-categories. Tesla Cars have always been a trustworthy brand when it comes to ensuring the safety of its electric vehicles. Tesla Model 3 can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.1 seconds. This luxury car has highly stylish and comes with a unique design with a wheel drive and a dual motor. This car of Tesla company offers a powerful battery that can provide about 358 miles of range which makes it an extremely long-range electric car. This car can go up to 162 mph of speed which makes it considered one of the fastest vehicles. This makes this vehicle the most attractive vehicle for EV buyers. The car’s additional features like Autopilot, GPS, and Wi-Fi connectivity also make it the best-selling car of 2021.

3. Mustang Mach-E

Range =314 km
Units sold in 2021(USA): 27140
Acceleration = 0-60 mph in 3.1 sec
In the list of best-selling electric cars in USA 2021, the best alternative to Tesla cars is the Ford Mustang Mach-E. The car comes with a long range of 314 miles with an electric engine. The car comes with five seats, and the cost of the car starts from $ 63095. Mustang Mach E has a mileage of about 90 MPGe in the cities while it offers about 77 MPGe on the highways. The car has an all-Wheel drive with a powerful battery. The car has a tax relaxation of about $ 7500 which is a key factor in capturing the interest of buyers. The car also has a powerful muscular design. The car is the best alternative to 5-seater Tesla cars. That is why this car has made a huge sale in the year 2021. It is the third most selling car of the year with about 27140 units sold in the year 2021.

4. 2021 Chevrolet Bolt

Range: 259 miles
Units sold in 2021(USA): 24803
Acceleration = 0-60 mph in 6.5 sec
With a driving range of 290 miles, the 2021 Chevrolet Bolt is the fourth top-selling car of 2021 with 24803 units sold in 2021. The car has a lot of features to offer like a comfortable ride and an eight-year battery warranty. The car comes with a powerful motor of about 260-270 pounds-feet torque. The EV has a great speed covering 100 miles in half an hour. The car has a liftgate which is a great feature for sports car lovers. This best-selling electric car offers wonderful features and modifications by increasing paying an additional cost. So, the customers also have the advantage to modify the car by paying according to their requirements.
The Chevrolet Bolt EV gives a milage of 260 MPGe when it is fully charged. For full charging, it needs to be charged for 10 hours with a 66KWh battery. The EV also has a 5-seat comfortable and roomy cabin with a liftgate and in-car Wi-Fi.

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5. Volkswagen ID.4

Range: 280 miles
Units sold in 2021(USA): 16742
Acceleration = 0-60 mph in 5.7 sec
This 5-seater vehicle is always on the list of EV buyers as the car is not very expensive and offers a long-range along with a comfortable design. The car does not have a very stylish design also it does not look like a sports car. However, the EV can offer other unique features including a comfortable design, affordable price, and long-range. The price starts from $ 49370 but additional features can be added by increasing the price according to customer requirements. The EV has 98 MPGe of milage in the cities and 88 MPGe on the highway. The car comes with an All-Wheel Drive, and it is a 5-seater comfortable vehicle. The comfortable, roomy, and large interior make it attractive for families. The car has an easy drive which is also a reason why this car is the fifth most selling car of 2021.

6. Nissan Leaf 2022

Range: 226 miles
Units sold in 2021(USA): 14239
The five-seater car, affordable car, Nissan Leaf has made a sale of 14239 units in the last year. This best-selling EV comes with a comfortable roomy cabin. The Nissan leaf is one of the best cars because of the affordable price of electric cars in upcoming years. The car has a mileage of about 100-120 Miles per gallon equivalent. The Nisan Leaf has a front-wheel drive and a strong competitive advantage over the other electric cars as the car can offer much more features at the same price. However, the company is in the 12th generation, but the cars have many competitors and overall, the company has not launched something exciting being an experienced electric cars seller.

The milage of this affordable car is 100-105 MPGe. Also, the car has a 40 kWh of battery which is quite good in this price range. The car can be upgraded with a price increase. This car attracts the people who want to buy a car for family use with a comfortable interior and a good price range. This is one of the reasons why this car has made a huge sale in the year 2021.

7. Audi RS e-Tron and e-Tron SportsBack

Range = 449 Km
Units sold in 2021(USA): 10921
Acceleration = 0-60 mph in 5.5 sec
This car is the 6th top-selling electric car in the USA due to its fast speed along with the ultimate luxury that a car can offer. The car is an attraction for both race car lovers and luxury lovers. This car comes with a coupe design and has a long range of about 472 Km. The car accelerates from 0 to 60mph in 5.5 seconds. The car has a stylish design that can reduce friction losses on the road due to interaction with the surrounding air. The EV has 440 km/h of speed that has been tested and verified which makes it top in the list of fastest vehicles on road. This car is a new addition to race cars along with its comfortable, stylish, advanced, and unique design that attracts customers. The vehicle offers a carbon-reinforced roof, animated light strip at back, precise finish, sport look, and precise finish. That is the reason why this car is among the top-selling electric vehicles of 2021.

8. Tesla Model S

Range = 637 Km
Units sold in 2021(USA): 9100
Acceleration = 0-100 Km/h in 2.1 sec
In the list of top-selling electric vehicles in the USA, this car is among the top 10 most selling cars with 9100 units sold in 2021. This electric car of Tesla offers extremely amazing features like an in-car gaming experience and 17 inches touch screen. The car comes with Yoke steering which allows the driver to see the road fully while driving. The car has a powerful battery and a long range of 637km. The car comes with an acceleration of 0-60 mph in 2.1 seconds. This vehicle is an electric vehicle as it comes with no toxic emissions. The company that has manufactured this car with a powerful 21-speaker, audio system of about 960 W, Bluetooth, wireless charging, and a C-type USB charging within the car. This car is popular among customers as it gives a 3-seat open roof unique design with the use of extremely new features like in-car gaming and connectivity options which is a great innovation in the market of vehicles.


As the electric vehicle market is quite competitive because many companies make electric vehicles f great quality. Each of these cars is equipped with several advanced features. The electric cars market is becoming more and more competitive as the new electric vehicles have stylish designs, auto-pilot, and a ton of new features. Electric car buyers now have plenty of choices. In this list, we have discussed the top most selling cars in 2021. The reason why these cars made huge sales last year is that these cars offer highly advanced features at the best price. From this list, we can see that Tesla cars have been popular among electric car buyers.

The Tesla car’s popularity is due to highly advanced safety features, built-in technologies, and stylish designs. Each of the cars in this list has its name on the top selling EVs of 2021 because f their unique competitive advantage. As the market for Electric vehicles is becoming more competitive so there are many new features introduced in cars every year to attract customers. In the sale of the first few months of 2022, we have seen that Tesla Model Y and Tesla Model 3 were again on the top of the list. Other brands of EVs whose cars are among the top-selling electric cars in 2021 and 2022 are Audi, Nissan Volkswagen, etc. The customers of electric vehicles are mostly interested in cars that offer unique designs, comfortable interiors, advanced safety features, and long ranges