When it comes to buying an electric car, most people cannot decide as there are plenty of options. So, here is a list of the top five best electric cars under $35,000 in 2022. One of which could be your next electric car. Electric cars have a lot of manufacturers, and each manufacturer has a different set of features to offer. Each electric car has a different competitive advantage over the other and is best for one or two of its features. So, we are presenting a list of electric cars so that you can get an idea of popular electric cars at an affordable price.

Mazda MX-30

Source: Mazda

The 2020 Mazda MX-30 is an electric vehicle launched in California with a fuel efficiency of 98 miles per gallon equivalent. The vehicle has some amazing features, like zero tailpipe emissions and a sustainable body. This upcoming electric car is a 5-seater vehicle with an electric engine.bn It is a front-wheel-drive vehicle with very limited availability that is limited only to California.

Price: $34,695

Charge, Milage, and Battery Life

The fuel efficiency of the vehicle is about 98 MPGe with a battery of 30 KWh. The car can go up to 100 miles on a one-time charge, which is quite short. The battery of the car is charged through an AC source and can be charged through a high-power DC.


  • The interior has a very elegant style and is very comfortable.
  • Engine, components, and body that are environmentally friendly
  • Drive like you’re in a sports car.
  • Great safety features.


  • A small battery pack gives a shorter driving range.
  • A very small number of vehicles are available on the market 

2022 Mini Hardtop

source: wikipedia

A compact yet powerful and stylish car that is available for under 35k$ is the 2022 Mini Hardtop. This upcoming electric car is a mini vehicle with a powerful electric engine. Along with a front-wheel drive mechanism, the car has a millage of about 100-120 miles per gallon equivalent. The car has a sporty suspension along with a two or four-gate design. In a four-gate design with five seats, the rear seats become tight and uncomfortable, but the vehicle is good for a two-seat design. The vehicle can offer additional features like smartphone connectivity with lots of customizable design ideas. 

Price: $25,178

Charge, Milage, and Battery Life
The car has a battery of 32.6 KWh, which is average and gives about 180 hp of power output. The millage of the car is 100-120 MPGe.

  • Sports Car suspension which gives great driving experience
  • Comfortable design with a two-seat design.
  • Lots of customizable design ideas
  • A responsive and powerful electric engine.


  • The compact design is not very comfortable with a five-seat design.
  • There is less connectivity with smartphones, and you have to pay extra to get the advanced features.

Chevrolet Bolt 2021

sources: chevrolet

With a driving range of 290 miles, the 2021 Chevrolet Bolt has a lot of features to offer, like a comfortable ride and a powerful motor of about 260-270 pound-feet of torque. With an eight-year battery warranty, the car offers great speed, covering a distance of 100 miles in half an hour. The car has a liftgate, which is a great feature for an affordable car, so it is the most attractive car for sports car lovers. This upcoming electric car offers wonderful features and modifications without increasing the price.

Price: $34,500

Charge, Milage, and Battery Life
The vehicle gives a mileage of 260-270 MPGe when it is fully charged. For full charging, it needs to be charged for 10 hours with a 66KWh battery.

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  • Comfortable and roomy cabin
  • Eight-year battery warranty
  • Powerful motor that can deliver a torque up to 265 pound-feet
  • Liftgate and in-car Wi-Fi


  • Not very stylish design
  • More features can be added by an increase in the base price.

Nissan Leaf 2022

The five-seater car is affordable and has a comfortable, roomy cabin. The Nissan Leaf is one of the best cars in terms of price among upcoming electric cars. The car has an electric engine with a mileage of about 100-120 miles per gallon equivalent. With front-wheel drive, the Nissan Leaf has a strong competitive advantage over the other electric cars in that it offers many more features at the same price. However, the company is in its 12th generation, but the cars have many competitors, and overall, the company has not launched anything exciting, despite being an experienced electric car seller.

Price: $29895

Charge, Milage, and Battery Life

The mileage of the car is 100-10 MPGe with a 40 KWh battery, which is quite good in this price range. The car can be upgraded with a price increase.


  • Comfortable and roomy car
  • Five-seaters comfortable design specially for the families
  • Affordable price as compared to its competitors


  • Low driving range as it has a small capacity battery.
  • Rear seats cannot be folded, which is not very pleasant for most people.


The cheapest electric car available for under 35k$ which is even cheaper than the Nissan Leaf, that is MG5 EV. The car offers great features at an affordable price. The car has a seven-year warranty, a huge space for use as a family car, and a stylish look. The car offers unique features with 214 miles of driving range. The battery capacity is also really good in comparison to other electric cars in the market. However, you have to make a compromise on style and other advanced features.

Price: $27,495

Charge, Milage, and Battery Life

The car has a battery of 61.1 KWh, which is quite good at such a low price and gives about 210-214 miles of driving range when it is fully charged. 


  • Cheapest car available in market
  • Stylish design with a roomy cabin is best for families.
  • A part of the most innovative upcoming electric car series


  • Less powerful than other Electric Cars
  • You will not like the car if you are a sports car lover with no need for extra space for the family.

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Electric cars vary depending on the features and advantages they offer. Each buyer has a different set of requirements and choices. If a person wants to buy a car for a family at an affordable price, the MG5 EV is the best. But if the person likes sports cars but wants to buy them for less than $35,000, they can go for the 2022 Mini Hardtop. In short, the buyer’s requirements best determine which car is suitable for him.