Electric cars are a fantasy for car lovers, but the most challenging thing for manufacturers is to manufacture the best electric SUV with the longest range. There are several electric cars available in the market with the longest range with various price ranges. Each electric car has its own features and competitive advantages. Here is the list of the best long-range SUV 2022.

Mercedes EQS – up to 420 miles

Mercedes is one of the leading brands when it comes to the longest-range SUVs. The company has announced that it will be the emission-free product producer and the electric-only cars brand in the world. The Mercedes has a long-range of about 420+ miles. The car has a charging time of about 32 minutes with a battery capacity of 200KW. The car offers unique and new features, but the price of the car starts from about $ 100000.

Price: $ 102310

Range: 420+ miles

Top speed: 130 mph.


  • It is a long-range vehicle available in the market.
  • The car has a quick charging time of about 32 minutes. 
  • The car has a powerful battery of 200KW.


  • The style and modifications are too futuristic.
  • Very expensive.

Tesla Model S – up to 375 miles


The longest-range SUV available in the market is the Tesla Model S. The range of the car is 375 miles. Although the car was launched in 2012 but due to modifications and changes, the car has now become the longest-range vehicle available in the market. Apart from its long-range, the vehicle also offers advanced technical features like Autopilot, which allows a hands-free driving experience. The acceleration of the car is also a unique feature that allows accelerating from 0 to 60mph in just 3.1 sec.

Price Ex-company: $ 10,0000

Range: 375 miles

Top speed: 155mph


  • It is the best SUV 2022 available in the market.
  • The car has a quick acceleration time of 3.1 seconds from 0 to 60 mph.
  • The car has unique technical features like Autopilot.


  • Old interior design with no new modifications.
  • It is heavy and the price is too high.

Tesla Model X – up to 330 miles

The new Tesla electric car with all-wheel drive has the best range of 330 miles. The Tesla Model X has an electric engine with unique features like greater battery range, acceleration enhancements, and a tone of new features. Among the best SUVs in 2022, this car offers unique features therefore the price range of the vehicle starts from about $ 115690. The Tesla Model X is designed to deliver about 103 miles per gallon equivalent of mileage in the city and about 93 on the highway. The car has about six seats, and the most popular style is plaid.

Price: $ 115690

Range: 330 miles

Top speed: 155 mph


  • About 330 miles of range.
  • Stylish design with decent performance
  • New technical features like all-wheel drive


  • Competitors offer more cabins and space.
  • Very expensive
  • The interior is not very comfortable and stylish.
  • Tight space in the rear seats 

Ford Mustang Mach-E – up to 314 miles

In the list of the best longest-range SUVs, the best alternative to the Tesla Model Y is the Ford Mustang Mach-E. It has a long-range of 314 miles with an electric engine. The car has five seats, and the cost of the car starts from $ 43895. The car has a mileage of about 90 MPGe in the cities, while it offers about 77 MPGe on the highways. The car comes with an all-wheel drive. The car has a tax relaxation of about $ 7500 which is a key factor in capturing the interest of buyers.

Price: $ 43895

Range: 314 miles

Top speed: 124 mph


  • The car has a powerful, muscular design.
  • The car is the best alternative to 5-seater Tesla cars.


  • The driving range is less than the competitors.
  • For advanced batteries, the price becomes too high.

2022 Kia EV6 GT-Line (RWD) – up to 310 miles

The Kia EV6 is a new electric car in the market with the longest range which also offers all-wheel drive. The company occupies a brand name in the electric vehicle manufacturers and their vehicles offer unique and stylish features that can attract any customer. The Kia EV6 is a 5-seater car that has the best all-wheel drive that is much better than Tesla cars. The cars start from about $51,200 and have a mileage of about 116 MPGe in the city, while they offer about 94 MPGe on the highways. 

Price: $51,200

Range: 310 miles

Top speed: 161 mph


  • Stylish cars just like sports cars
  • Very quick charging and long-range
  • The best all-wheel drive.


  • The lower roof makes it look smaller and more uncomfortable.
  • Cargo capacity is not as good as its competitors.

Volkswagen ID.4 – up to 259 miles

This 5-seater vehicle is always in the list of EV buyers as the car is not very expensive and offers a long range along with a comfortable design. The car is not very stylish and does not look like a sports car, but it offers other unique features like comfort and affordability with a long range. The price starts from $ 40760 with an electric engine. The car offers 98 MPGe of mileage in the cities while 88 on the highway. The car has All-Wheel Drive, and it is a 5-seater vehicle.

Price: $ 40760

Range: 259miles

Top speed: 180 mph


  • Comfortable, roomy, and large interior
  • The cargo capacity is amazing.
  • The car can be handled easily.


  • Not very stylish.
  • Not a good choice for sports car lovers
  • Offers a small number of controls.


Every customer has different demands and needs; therefore, the best SUV can vary according to the customer demand. If a person has a good budget and wants a stylish and futuristic vehicle then he should go for Mercedes EQS. If a person has a limited budget but wants a comfortable and long-range car, they should go for Volkswagen ID.4. Therefore, this list can be used to select the longest-range SUV according to the customer demand.