About us

Our goal is to enable the adoption of sustainable transportation by maintaining a simple database with all data related to electric vehicles. Electric vehicles, combined with autonomous driving, will be one of the most important changes in the automotive industry. Autonomous electric cars will be one day. However, there are many misconceptions and myths surrounding electric cars. Many questions about charging, range and daily driving of EVs remain. Information on these topics is stored in the EV database to answer as many of these questions as possible.

It is completely free: it is not financially or money. Currently obtained by money by applying a few advertising as possible to make money running. If you’re running an Adblocker and like what we do, please consider whitelisting the Electric Car List. We do not collect any user data and only track basic anonymous user behavior to improve the database. The Electric Car List aims to collect as much real data as possible. Much of the information in the automotive industry is not available in practice, as it is often based on theoretical data collected in laboratories. To avoid misunderstandings, the Electric Car List displays official data in addition to real world data.